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Anyone who suffers from chronic pain knows just how debilitating and depressing it is.  You feel like you are losing your mind when you cannot find answers.  You begin thinking others are starting to doubt you.  You try not to complain but feel exasperated when your mobility becomes affected.  You start isolating yourself.   And when your pain is so great that you cannot stand for more than 5 minutes, you slump into a depression.  Your whole mental state is affected and so are your relationships.  You become cranky, irritable and short-tempered.  You want to cut off your limb and wonder how you can continue to exist in this condition especially after having been physically active for most of your life.  Needless to say, it is tough to get off the couch at times.

As someone who has experienced chronic pain for three years, I understand all too well these feelings as this is what I have felt.  It started gradually.  I’ve had back issues since I was a teenager and episodes of sciatica, but this time the tightness in my back which radiated down through my right hip to the front of my thigh was different.  I followed the normal routine to conservatively treat the problem and that was getting physical therapy and joining a small group fitness program that addressed my weaknesses.  The pain did not go away.  I continued with chiropractic care and massages.  The pain persisted.  I sought answers with a variety of doctors.  Cortisone shots in my hip did not help.  The pain continued to get worse.  I set up an appointment to have an epidural, but cancelled at the last minute because I was anxious.  At times, the agony would be so great that my leg would seize and would literally stop me in my tracks.  I would need to immediately sit down and did my best to hold back tears.

As I proceeded to improve my situation, I developed other health challenges.   I tried to lose weight, but it is hard to do any type of exercise when you are in pain.  I could not even take a short walk around the block.  Alongside added prescriptions, I sought alternative restorative remedies in acupuncture, fascia release, various nutritional programs and supplements, diet changes, deep tissue massage, lymph massage, energy work, sound healing sessions and natural pain relievers.  Although these treatments provided temporary relief, I still needed 600 mg of Advil daily which I knew would affect my health in the long run.  My body was beginning to feel much older than it was, and I grew even more frustrated.

In October 2018, after coming home from a business trip in New Orleans, I was in so much pain that I could neither sit, stand or walk without having my back and leg go into spasms. I don’t even know how I made the flight home. I planned to schedule that epidural, but after reading Facebook reviews about a local chiropractor, I decided to give her a chance. After being evaluated and reviewing x-rays, my new chiropractic team recognized my condition. I dedicated myself to a treatment regimen which consisted of visits three days a week for several months. Things were improving, and I did find temporary relief.  Soon I was able to tolerate strength training. It was painful and slow going at first, but I persisted.

The Missing Link

In September 2019, an old friend from my AT&T days contacted me after he heard that my family was involved in a distressing situation.  He informed me about a scientific breakthrough in cellular health which involved redox signaling.  I was curious but wary.  I started reading about the science of redox signaling.  I found it to be fascinating and quite palpable.

Redox signaling has been studied for decades by scientists, researchers and the top universities.  As a matter of fact, multiple Nobel prizes were awarded for discoveries related to it and more than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been written on the subject.  I did not doubt the science, but wondered whether the product was for real.  I delved a little deeper.

I knew the character of my friend. He would never exploit a situation. His intentions have always stemmed from that of service.  In short, I felt I had nothing to lose by trying the redox signaling molecules. The closest experience I have to science is that I worked for a pharmaceutical company for six years. But I knew that I would not have to completely understand the science in order to feel the effects. I wanted to see if the signaling could impact my own genetic pathways to further improve my physical state. What I personally felt and saw in my body was amazing. I had not known it at the time, but it was just what I needed.

Redox Messengers

In a nutshell, this is what I found out in very basic terms. Redox messengers are the smallest signaling molecules which are native to our bodies. Without redox, there is no life. The signaling or communicating between cells is absolutely vital for all of our internal systems and processes. Redox messengers go around our bodies looking for damaged cells. When it finds a damaged cell, it tries to repair it. If it cannot repair it, it sends a “kill” signal and eliminates that cell so that another cell can be regenerated. This is called apoptosis, and it is a natural occurrence.

As we age, we lose 10% percentage of the redox signaling messengers each decade after puberty.  So by the time we are mid-aged, we are working at a greatly reduced signaling capacity.  Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins such as pesticides, chemicals, disruptors like bpas, blue light, mobile data speeds, etc.  These toxins along with our lifestyle, diet and stress levels also directly affect the strength of cell communication and the outcome of our gene expression.  Our bodies have the most complex communications network.   Any breakdown in this important cell signaling and we CANNOT achieve our full health potential.

Imagine that your house is on fire, and you need to reach the fire department which has all the tools you need to put out the fire.  But when you make the call, there is background noise on your phone, or you only have one bar, or the call drops.  No matter how sophisticated and effective that fire department is, they won’t be able to put out the fire because they could not receive your message.  It’s not because of the fire department that your house goes up in flames, but it is because of the bad cell signal.  The same concept applies to your body.  Redox is the only technology in the world that can increase, clarify and amplify that critical cell signaling and is making a profound impact on the lives of people.  This is the ONLY product available today to provide these molecules.  There is no competition, no copycats and no variation of this product.

I would like to point out that redox is not a vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, protein, exotic juice, essential oil, cbd oil or a drug.  Redox signaling molecules is in a category all its own.  Redox does not supplement, it is rebuilding and replenishing cells in our bodies.  We are actually putting back trillions of signaling cells that are bio-identical to the molecules found in our bodies when we consume this product.  It is the most foundational element of cellular health.  Due to the highly reactive and fleeting nature of these molecules, science had thought it was impossible to stabilize these molecules outside of the body.

However, Dr. Gary Samuelson, an atomic physicist, along with a team of scientists was successful in stabilizing redox signaling molecules outside the human body.  Redox signaling molecules only contains two ingredients: salt and water.  After going through a heavily patented, extensive 3-day process, the contents are no longer just plain salt water.  The salt water is broken down into free-floating atoms (Na-Cl-H-O) and are then restructured into stabilized redox signaling molecules and is the same molecular composition that is produced in our bodies.

In 2009, these redox signaling molecules were brought to market. These molecules have been scientifically tested and shown to activate five (5) important gene signaling pathways up to 31% that positively impact five (5) major areas of health (immune system, inflammatory response, cardiovascular health, digestion, hormone modulation).  This product has been certified and validated by an independent biotechnology company as well as other third-party companies.  Without a doubt, this is a significant breakthrough in cellular health.

If you are confused, I hope this will give you a better picture. Think of our cells like fish in a fish tank. Suppose the fish live in a cloudy environment where there is more waste than clean water and the fish is forced to live in that environment.  It can survive, but the environment will take a toll on its health.  Just like the fish, our cells will do their best to survive in spite of the environment that they are “swimming” in. We may not be providing the best environment for our cells because of what we are eating, drinking and absorbing (physically and emotionally). We may start to feel sluggish, get headaches, feel foggy. Our cells are unable to adequately breathe like the fish in their cloudy environment. The environment can become toxic if we do not clean it up and health challenges can set in.  Because of the environment and reduction in signaling, our cells cannot breathe and receive proper communication to repair, replace and regenerate themselves. Redox helps clean the fluids that surround our cells, allows them to breathe and send clear signals so our bodies can function efficiently.

The composition of the human body is 60% water on average.  Consuming redox molecules will not cause any harm.  You cannot drink too much.  Millions of dollars have been spent on safety studies and have proven that there is zero toxicity.  Other extensive studies have been published on the effects of redox signaling molecules on athletes.  It has been proven to enhance performance, increase endurance and reduce recovery time.  The repairing of muscle tissue in athletes actually starts to take place the moment the tissue breaks down. As a matter of fact, there are many athletes consuming this product, including Olympic athletes.

This product has been proven to improve immune health, help maintain a healthy inflammatory response, help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity, improve gut health and digestive enzyme production, modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness, reduce oxidative stress.  Redox has been proven to significantly raise the master antioxidant that is produced in our cells, glutathione (GSH).  Glutathione has been clinically proven to have a wide variety of health benefits at the cellular level.

My Story

As I mentioned, I was looking for an improvement to my physical condition when I decided to try these redox molecules.  After consuming my first 2 oz., I felt the effects immediately which is not the norm.  I questioned myself whether my physical response was psychosomatic, but the continued use of the product proved to me that it was not.  What’s more is that there are thousands of people who have shared their own testimonies.

I continued taking the molecules and noted many differences in my body over the next few weeks.  Just to name a few:  my joint pain dissipated, joint flexibility returned, energy level and endurance increased, improved clarity and better mood.  I also noticed that I was losing some belly fat and slept more soundly.  I am moving quicker and with hardly any pain.

I feel without hesitation that this supplement is the missing link which is allowing me to improve my overall well-being.  And I also realized that I just CAN’T not share this.  Actually, I feel obligated to share this.  I thought of all the people I know who are struggling with health issues and how this could help them.  I thought of everyone dear to me who are dealing with aging challenges.  Since I wanted to share this product so others could have a better quality of life, I became an associate.  When people see firsthand with what this product can do for them, I believe they will also feel that they have no choice but to share it. 

Some individuals may think it’s a placebo effect.  Well, animals and children do not know about the placebo effect and there are many testimonials about redox’s effectiveness on animals and children.  Some individuals may think that conceptually it makes sense but question the legitimacy of the product.  I can appreciate that as I had felt the same way.  Some individuals may be skeptical about a company who is promoting a unique product that can help vulnerable people.  First, I could never align myself with a company that has selfish motives.  Second, it is of utmost importance to me to represent a company with ethics.  Third, I did my homework and after looking into this company and the leadership, I feel confident of their integrity. 

Some people may have an issue with the business model.  All products are delivered by either a person or a business.  There are valid reasons why the company chose the direct marketing channel and it mainly has to do with educating the consumer.  If the redox supplement is dramatically improving the health and quality of someone’s life, does the method of distribution really matter?  At the very least, I am grateful that the owners have created an opportunity for people like you and me to truly make a difference.

The bottom line is, the best way to prove to yourself that something works is to try it.  Just like I did.  The company has a money-back guarantee.  If you knew something could absolutely help someone else, would you keep it to yourself?

OK, I’m interested.  What Now?

Because each body is different and there is no way to detect what is going on within a body, it is recommended to take the redox supplement for 120 days. Our bodies are smart. Our bodies know how to heal if they have what it needs to get the work done. Once our bodies are functioning at optimum efficiency, it will go to work to repair damaged cells. There may be an issue within our body that we are unaware of and with the support from the molecules, our bodies may address those issues first. We encourage everyone to give these molecules time to “clean” the environment within your body. Your body will be going through changes. The redox supplement will not interfere with medicines. If anything, it may help improve its effectiveness. Keep an account of what you are feeling and observing while taking the signaling supplement because we tend to forget our issues once they are gone.

Don’t we all go through life maintaining our vehicles hoping to prolong its life?  Isn’t our health our most valuable asset? It gets to be expensive if we don’t take care of our bodies. Once we become sick, we are looking at hospital bills, treatments, therapies not to mention other losses like our quality of life and limited abilities. Our bodies go through a daily barrage of stressors and degradation. Don’t wait for your body to tell you that it can’t handle any more – give it what it needs to defend itself. Be proactive and take charge of your health so that your body will be able serve you for a very long time.

Reach out to me and we can have a discussion about what is going on with you. If necessary, I can connect you with a product expert or a Doctor. I would be honored if I could be your connection to help improve your quality of health.


The Redox Signaling Supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or medical conditions.  You should consult with a healthcare professional for any health concern and share any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of supplements. This is my own personal story. Please note that individual results may vary.