Hi there.  I’m Theresa “Theri” Crandall

I help people find more meaning, freedom and income working around their own schedule without forfeiting time from their families.

I am driven by making a positive impact on the lives of others and find it immensely rewarding to help people overcome fears, gain confidence, feel comfortable in their own skin or improve their overall well-being. 

The opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life is why I chose to align myself with two different companies, both of which provide products only available through independent consultants.  Direct-to-consumer marketing is the most effective way to deliver important, life-changing products.  It allows the consultant to educate and build a relationship with the customer so that the customer may make an informed decision and have the best purchasing experience.

Valuable information can be shared when dealing with customers one-on-one.  If products are placed in a retail setting, many consumers may not be exposed to the products if they do not shop at that particular retail store.  And if products are placed on a shelf in a wholesale warehouse club it would be very easy for someone to walk right by, overlook the products and never know their true benefits especially when there is no advertising of any kind.

Having healthy skin and a healthy body are two aspects of wellness that can dramatically improve one’s quality of life.  I understand that consumers may be overwhelmed and confused in regards to knowing which products would serve them best.  So how do consumers differentiate between the products?  We provide them with facts and numbers and communicate how the products stand apart from the rest.  And that is why I decided to become a Consultant for two companies with very unique products and are changing lives.  To help bring awareness to these products.

In addition, what is extremely gratifying to me is that I am able to offer the same opportunity that was given to me to someone that could benefit from having another stream of income.  If you’ve ever wanted more for yourself – whether it be partnering with someone in business, saving for vacations, having “play” money, adding to your retirement, making a difference in someone’s life or building a legacy for your family – it is possible.

You may feel skeptical, scared or unsure, but sometimes you need to take that leap of faith in yourself, in order to make a change. I believe we all have what we need within us to achieve our greatness. In case no one has told you lately, I will say it.


If someone wants something badly enough, they will achieve it.  As we go through different stages in life and continually evolve into our best selves, it is freeing to have options.  The power truly lies within you.  Have you given thought as to what the Next Version of You might be?  I am looking for people to join me in bringing life-changing products for better skin and better health to the market.  If you’ve ever dreamed of building a team, working with your family or friends and being a part of something very big, herein lies an opportunity for you.

I welcome you to get to know me a little bit more, and if there is a small part of you that is curious about the products or the opportunity to truly make a difference in someone else’s life, please reach out.  Together, we can determine what would be the best fit in your life.


“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”  ~ Napoleon Hill